Thursday, January 04, 2007

My next blog entry

I've decided that my next blog entry will be a restaurant review. And I will not add entries to this blog until I've done so (although I may add-on to this one). And I've made such a decision because I'm a little tired of doing geek posts, and I wanted to do something different. AND I'm using it as an excuse to go eat something real good.

I haven't decided on which restaurant I would want to go yet, but I have some criterias. It's got to be a really nice restaurant, somewhere along the lines of modern dining or fine dining. I expect high quality food in little portions, coupled with terrific ambience and fantastic service. You know the type I'm talking about.

Give me suggestions on restaurants that I should try. I'm definitely thinking western cuisine, maybe French or Fusion. I'm not keen on Japanese, Chinese and generally Asian food, so I won't entertain those suggestions. Cost is not a factor.

On a related note, the following blog is very well written on food places to try: