Friday, February 19, 2010

PixelCast 12 - Pixellent

The crew is back together for another stimulating, invigorating and exhilarating conversation about videogames. This episode, we've got Michael, Tim and myself talk about the average games that somehow still gets a little love, and how a Brisbane man can afford to pay a whopping AU$1.5m piracy settlement.

Grab the podcast, and give it a listen. It'll put hairs on your chest. And that's a good thing. For everyone.

PixelCast 12. It's Pixellent.

Download directly here.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Marshmallow Head Shot; Reach out and shoot someone with sweet, delicious gooey goodness

Why haven't I heard about this? And why don't I already have one? A marshmallow shooter makes so much sense I'm amazed I hadn't thought of it myself. Or sought one out.

The guys at the Marshmallow Fun Company are, and I daresay, geniuses.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Life in Melbourne: At the drive-in

Audrea and I went to the drive-in for the first time over the weekend. It's been something I've wanted to go for the longest time, having only read about them in old Archie comics. For me, it sounded like a place for that old-time movie magic. And making out.

And there being a drive-in just minutes away from us, it seemed silly not to give it a try. And not knowing what to expect, going to the drive-in was quite an experience.

We drove in, bought our tickets and promptly met with a wall of cars which were parked for whatever was presently screening. I think we broke a few courtesy rules leaving the headlights on while we prowled for a suitable parking spot.

And getting the sound on was another little tale. We were told to tune our radios in to the cinema frequency, but we were both worried that leaving the radio on would drain the car's battery. Audrea and I have had some bad experience with cars whose batteries drained after about a half-hour of radio. I asked a guy in the car next to our's, who said it's never happened to him. I also posted on Twitter and Facebook to ask, and was promptly assured it wouldn't happen. Still, I think we were both nervous about the car refusing to start after the movie; Luckily those fears were unfounded.

Being in your own car whilst the movie runs definitely gives more privacy, and personal space. We could shuffle about in the car, use our mobiles, and chat with each other at our own discretion. But a car gets uncomfortable very quickly. We didn't have the right tools with us this time, which we'll remedy the next time: pillows, blankets, and finding the right angle to simultaneously stretch out while maintaining the optimum viewing angle.

Still, the drive-in was something quite memorable, and definitely worth going back to again. And something for us to do with visiting friends who may have never been before. But like I said earlier, we'll have to arm ourselves suitably the next time round.

Friday, February 05, 2010

PixelCast Episode 11: Them Old Pixels

Eliot Fish, Producer on ABC's Good Game and former editor of Hyper, joins Tim, Dylan and myself as we once again gather round the fireplace reminiscing on the old games of yore.

We talk about aging games and whether they live up today's standards, as well as explore the virtues of Beyond Good & Evil.

You can download the episode here.